We can spearhead everything from research, concept, curation, design, craft, installation, exhibition, and performance.


Curated Corporate Gift Sets

We curate culturally appropriate and aesthetically exclusive gifts for your guests, customers or employees. Inspired by innovation rooted deep in India’s cultural heritage, we customize, craft and brand gifts for corporate use. For the recipient, each gift set is an experience of unparalleled quality that your brand offers and your efforts to make a positive social impact.

All pieces are hand-made with love and care, using only naturally available resources.

Show the recipient that you care, about them and the communities around you- give gifts that give back.

Personalised Gifts

We consult, conceptualize and create customized gifts for any and every occasion – may it be for a birthday, wedding, farewell, anniversary, product/service/brand launch or festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas or New Year.
We specialize in personalizing gifts according to your preferences.
Want to send a special message through an art piece? We’re happy to help you communicate it.
Want to customize a unique art piece just for yourself? We’re eager to conceptualize it.
Want to add a touch of tradition to your invites? We’re thrilled to design it.
Want to spread positive awareness about your initiative? We’ve got you covered, from inspiration to installation.
Want to harness the true spirit of festivals in India? Let us show you how.
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Occasional Gifts


We connect you to Indian culture by recontextualizing traditional art to fit it into spaces you work or live in. We actualize your dream to recreate, reimagine and reinvent the spaces you spend your time in. We can turn every other object in your home, office, restaurant or hotel into something that creates intrigue. We can transform your space into inspiring experiential corridors that will leave you, your family, guests, customers and employees mesmerized.

Do not limit your imagination when it comes to the scale of these possibilities. You demand, we do.

Customer Feedback

A brief testimonial of our ability to condense vast concepts into simple and engaging experiences.

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We can bring art into your life in all shapes, sizes, and forms.

Have ideas about how you want to reconnect with art and culture? Let us know.
Not sure how you want to incorporate art into your everyday life? Let us show you.